The Story

Data protection is not a new concept - in one form or another it has been a concern since there has been written language. There have always been secrets and those that wanted to gain access to them. The means to protect this data was called classic cryptography, which is the methods of encryption that use "pen and pad" or even some simple mechanical aids. After the invention of complex machines in the early 20th century a more sophisticated and efficient means of encryption were created that could offer even greater complexity and thus at that time better security.

With the invention of computers the field took another big leap forward and in some ways back. The computer was limited in both storage, compute power and in many cases function, as they just had not been created yet. But the need to protect data and communications on this new medium was serious. The answer was creating ever increasing complex algorithms to encrypt and decrypt data. This practice continues roughly the same way today. The problem is we keep making a better algorithm and the computer power increases to cause this new solution to become obsolete.

The Company

In 2013, Dennis David, President & CEO of Agenda, LTD, combined two companies he had previously started, Commonwealth Security Services and NetDefender to form Agenda, LLC in Fredericksburg, VA. In 2014, he formed Agenda, LTD in Dublin, Ireland and moved the IP and company headquarters there. Agenda, LLC remains a sister company and handles North America Sales and Operations. The Agenda, LTD MyCrypt™ cybersecurity solution came about as a result of trying to create a secure method to deliver data between a customer and their vendor realizing that not only did the data need to be protected, but there was a critical need to ensure that the intended party who would be accessing the data and using it, was the intended party. Protecting their data and identity should be on everyone’s agenda. At Agenda, LTD, we make data protection easy.

Select Clients

Office of President (Ireland) Ulster Bank Parliament of Ireland (Oireachtas) Bank of Ireland Allied Irish Banks Various Public Agencies (Ireland) Five Guys Comstock Homes Virginia Diodes Various Law Firms and Accounting Firms in the USA


Healthcare Legal Defense Retail Finance Insurance Government Energy Accounting Legal

Our Partners

Our Leadership Team

Dennis L David, Founder, President & CIO

Dennis David combined two US-based companies he founded in 1992, NetDefender and Commonwealth Security Services, to form Agenda, LLC in 2013. Agenda, LLC was setup to provide a full range of computer support, hosting and security services whose revenues would be used to bootstrap R&D for a premier authentication and encryption solution called MyCrypt ™. In 2014, Dennis made Ireland the world headquarters and IP holder of the technology calling the new company Agendasec, LTD with Agenda, LLC as an affiliate company. At NetDefender, he developed and deployed linux-based security appliances and became a key security consultant to AOL, the US Dept. of Treasury, DOD and USAID.

Prior to NetDefender, Dennis worked at CACI and developed their early cybersecurity market approach. Prior to CACI, he started Dominion WaveLink, a wireless ISP located in Fredericksburg and was its Chief Operating Officer. Dominion WaveLink was eventually acquired by Comcast.

Dennis’ computer industry certifications: CISSP, MCES, CCIE, CLP, and CBE Security Industry Certifications of PI, PPS.

Advisory Board

Scott Price, General Manager, National Security Group, Microsoft

Scott joined Microsoft in 2014, as the General Manager of the National Security Group (NSG), responsible for the execution and management of solutions and services to Federal clients including the Intelligence Community, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the Department of Energy. With leading offerings in productivity and collaboration tools, using Microsoft’s suite of cloud, mobile, CRM and data analytic solutions, Scott and the NSG team are helping their clients more effectively meet their mission requirements.

Juan Navarro, President & CEO, Chemring, North America

Juan Navarro, President & CEO of Chemring, North America and is responsible for the management of all US-based Chemring companies with combined revenues of $500 Million annually. Prior to that, he was President of Chemring/NiiTek. He initially joined the company in 2006 as its Chief Operating Officer and has been instrumental in guiding NIITEK from a startup R&D company, to a leading developer and producer of quality GPR sensor technologies. Chemring PLC acquired Niitek in 2008.

Paul Marsala, President, Founder & Chairman, Peer Software, Inc.

Paul Marsala, is the President, Founder and Chairman of Peer Software, Inc. Peer manufactures markets and sells synchronization, migration, and backup and collaboration tools for file servers, workstations and laptops. With more than 25,000 customers worldwide, Peer has offices in Munich, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong along with their headquarters in the D.C. Metro Area. Since it was founded in 1993, the company has established a global customer base of over 10,000 corporate, government and education entities including half of the US Fortune 100.

Rich Bates, CRISC, Chief Information Officer, Zeiders Enterprises

Rich Bates has over 35 years of IT experience in public, private and government sectors. As the CIO, he leads the Information Services Department of Zeiders Enterprises.

Over his career he has been involved with multiple aspects of information technology from hardware deployment to data center operations. Mr. Bates was part of the team in charge of standing up operations for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Customer Support Center and the Chief of Naval Operations’ consolidated Network and Customer Support Center.